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FalconScan's proprietary flight control software

FalconScan’s proprietary flight control software

When you need to collect high-resolution, georeferenced aerial photography, let FalconScan’s patented technology take care of the entire process, from flight planning to mosaicking.

Working with standard GIS input files, FalconScan’s FlightGUI maps out a flight pattern over your area of interest. In the air, it offers real-time feedback to the pilot on speed, altitude, and course, so that your data collection goes smoothly every time.

Once data collection is complete, FalconScan’s UploadGUI loads all of your images onto the cloud with just a few mouse clicks. Post-processing begins immediately, powered by Amazon’s powerful servers. The imagery is navigated and registered at resolutions of 5 to 50 cm per pixel, and stitched together into a mosaic that can be analyzed in common geospatial programs such as ENVI, ERDAS, or GlobalMapper.

FalconScan has also developed advanced algorithms that use the parallax between individual frames to create a 3D model of the terrain, allowing you to pan and zoom through the scenes and observe the height of individual objects. (3D monitor required).


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