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Landscape scale environmental monitoring has been done sporadically with aerial photography.  More frequent but coarser coverage is provided by satellites, but there continues to be a demand for more intense coverage of smaller areas that are subject to changes due to a variation in the environmental conditions.

This is achieved very economically with the FalconScan system onboard a general aviation aircraft.  Targeted collects are obtained quickly and efficiently and at a much lower cost than with competing large format cameras.

The unique spectral characteristics of the FalconScan system yields useful and valuable information not currently available, which makes it attractive as a fly-alone system or an add-on to for operators currently flying other cameras and sensors. Upwards of $30 M are spent each year domestically on aerial photography with hundreds of companies world-wide.

Some of these applications include:

  • Forestry to persistently monitor for disease, tree grow, yields in terms of board feet, and to track harvesting
  • Wetlands to monitor damage from storm, flood, drought, and fire events
  • Rangelands for grazing effects and projected grass yields
  • Coral Reefs for changes to the community including live vs. dead colonies
  • Submerged aquatic vegetation that is attached to the bottom of lakes, oceans, rivers and ponds as an indicator of water health and nutrient run off
  • Water column algae as a measure of water turbidity
  • Point sources of pollution


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