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Collecting aerial imagery is easy and fool-proof with the FalconScan hardware system. The system consists of four parts: a touchscreen tablet, one or more cameras in a mounting box, a GPS unit, and a payload control box.

The tablet runs FalconScan’s unique software, FlightGUI, which dynamically creates a raster pattern based on current solar zenith and azimuth angles. The software handles the camera triggering, assuring uniform and complete coverage of your area of interest, and logs a GPS location for each frame.

The FalconScan system creates high resolution digital aerial images in Near Infrared (NIR) and true color using either a one or two camera configuration. Imagery from our NIR camera alone is sufficient to generate green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data; when a visible spectrum camera is added, red NDVI can also be calculated as well.

FalconScan systems have been commercially deployed in over 200 manned and unmanned data collects. They can be installed in any aircraft that has an aerial camera port or an FAA-approved CessnaCam Airborne Sensor Pod. At only 10lbs, the size and weight of the camera system, along with the integrated sensor operation software, make this a powerful tool for unmanned platforms.



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